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What Is A Marinade Injector And How Do I Use It?

Use a Marinade Injector to Turn Boring Meat Into Pure Deliciousness

What Is A Marinade Injector And How Do I Use It?

With spring around the corner and the snow melting, we know you are all eager to take your grill out for a little walk. It's time to cook those steaks you've been dreaming about all winter. While you’re at it, you might as well make it special and try a new recipe, or even a new accessory. The Marinade Injector has been underused through the years but now you will understand its true power and how it can create the tastiest meat. Let me show you in the next paragraphs.

What Is A Marinade Injector And How Do I Use It?

A Marinade Injector is a syringe with a long metal needle that allows you to, like the name says, inject your marinade directly into a piece of meat, or vegetables. The idea behind adding flavor inside your food is to fuse the taste of the meat with a nice marinade, instead of adding it onto the meat. There is a variety of liquids you can fill your meat with. From soy sauce to hot sauce, you can give your meat a wide range of new and interesting flavors.

Injecting marinade inside your food will make it tastier, and juicier. Basically, it creates deliciousness. First you need to fill the Injector with your chosen marinade. This part might be hard because of the multiple holes on the needle. The best “life hack” I can give you is to put the marinade inside an empty plastic water bottle and pierce through the cap with the needle. Then simply turn the bottle upside down and fill your syringe. After the first step, insert the needle into the middle of the meat as it will get in most of your marinade. For further instructions on how to use your Marinade Injector, check out the article on Using Your Marinade Injector here.

Pick The Right Marinade Injector For You

Before buying a Marinade Injector it’s important to know that the bigger the piece of meat is, the more times you will have to pierce it for injecting. There are a couple of sizes of Marinade Injector available. But Napoleon’s is a great middle of the road size. It’s not too big for people with dainty hands, and it’s not so small that you can’t fit a good amount of marinade inside. Our Marinade Injector is clear solid plastic with a heavy-duty metal and plastic plunger. The needle is stainless steel with a sharp tip and three holes for the marinade to come out. There is a stainless steel shoe on the end of the syringe that unscrews and tightens to keep the needle in place. Those qualities make the Napoleon Marinade Injector one of my favorite accessories for this grilling season.

Andrea, our resident Grilling Gal, loves using her Marinade Injector. Here are a few recipes that have inspired me when I use mine.
101 Cloves of Garlic Prime Rib
Buffalo Turkey
Red Wine Injected Roast of Beef with Butter Injected Potatoes

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